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I may or may not miss this account at times.

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#sometimes having a blog for too long feels wearisome #maybe its about time i moved to a new blog from the personal one i have now


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acciorpc replied to your post: Scared is an understatement.


The amount of people on my page lol

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Scared is an understatement.

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acciorpc replied to your post: acciorpc started following you Do yo…

Rude and not ginger


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acciorpc started following you

Do you keep unfollowing me? Rude.

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Read a plot for a role-play. Have no sense of what the plot is even about.


Is there a mary-sue for role-plays?

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Anonymous: I liked your 5 ways of making ppl hate your character, so on a positive note, what are the 5 ways to make ppl fall in love with your character?

That was full of sarcasm. Aha. 5 Ways to make people fall in love with your character, eh? Write them well.

Things to consider:

Character and Role Analysis Questions (+)

Higher versus Lower Status (+)

Muse for a Character (+)

Tips and Tricks (+)

Knowing your Character (+)

Those are just a few basic places to start. You do not have to follow them by any means, they’re just things I, personally, have noticed. Other writers may be more systematic about it, or they may wing it. Ultimately it is up to the writer, the role-player how they choose to develop a character— but what makes a good one is how well that writer learns from those around them.

Other good writers such as Quel (edwardkenwayrps) are fantastic at developing a character. 

Much love.

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#Anonymous #rpcw
Anonymous: This Is the End reminds me of that roleplay you had before, where people played actors. This, of course, is waaaaaaaay sillier. Haha. Hope you're doing well!

Why did I never receive this? And the movie? Ha, Top Brass never took off. It was due to my laziness. 

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#The idea was solid though #Anonymous

Please refrain from tagging useless, unhelpful posts in the RPCW tag. Please.

For more information see (+) and (+).

If you can’t abide by these very basic rules, then that tag isn’t for you. It’s simple:

Don’t abuse it. Don’t fuck with it. You know how it goes.

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