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The RPCW tag gives me such great, disgusting pride. Look at that baby a year later. Still going strong. sigh.

Anyway, if you need to find me I’m here. This is my personal— meaning there will be little to no RP stuff except on my own characters now and then. Otherwise it’s just me.

But if you do have the occasional question or really need to get in touch with me, by all means. 

If you just want to follow, great. But if you need me for any reason…there’s the place.


- Hardy

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Anonymous: Where did you get your theme from?

Er…shit. I’m trying to remember. I had browsed themesrec a long time ago for it. I don’t know why there’s no credit…can’t find one in the HTML either? Lemme check again.

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Should I come back? If I come back I don’t know what I would offer. A lot of my views on writing have changed since this blog started. And mainly that this blog is only as useful as the individual allows it to be. That is, if you find a resource in this blog, great. If not, that’s fine too.

Because everyone writes differently and nobody should tell you how to write. The important thing is that you do.

Nobody should tell you how to role-play, either. The important thing is that you do.

Any mistakes or poor choices made in the midst of RPing are something you learn a long the way. If people call out harmful ways of addressing various issues which is important to be educated on, then keep your eyes and your minds open.

Otherwise write, and write fearlessly. There is no better way of going about it; or right or wrong way.

Just write.

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Anonymous: you are a mighty fine specimen of a human being - your mind is that of a dream.

i dont know who this is but im keeping this forever

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Hello all. Hope the RPCW tag is going well, hope you’re all having a wonderful RP experience, and many other well wishes and love sent your way. 

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Anonymous: Some of your links are broken bc of a diff url I think. :) I noticed this on the advice page

I dont know how old this is but I’ll check it. Thank you for informing me.

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Just a reminder about the RPCW tag


What to Tag:

  • Reviews
  • RP Advice/Tips
  • Rants
  • Guides
  • Writing Help/Tips
  • Plot/Character Development
  • Theme Recs and Help
  • PSDs/Graphic Help
  • Face-claim Assistance 

What Not to Tag:

  • Self-Promotions/Shout-out’s
  • Requests asking how you can help
  • Advertising an RP/RPG of any sort
  • Personal posts

For more information on this, click here

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I don’t know who still follows this account, but just in case, I’ve moved to the above. It’s a personal account so be warned.

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acciorpc replied to your post: Scared is an understatement.


The amount of people on my page lol

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